Mahamudra KMC Teachers

Gen Kelsang Tsoglam

Resident Teacher of Mahamudra Kadampa Meditation Center

Gen Tsoglam is an ordained Kadampa Buddhist nun and close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. She has been practicing and teaching under his guidance for over 20 years. Her teachings are heartfelt, practical, and presented with warmth, humor and joy.

Previously, Gen Tsoglam was the Resident Teacher at several Kadampa Centers around the US. She has engaged in numerous meditation retreats, as well as teaching and skilfully guiding many retreats.

Gen Tsoglam teaches in Hermosa Beach on Sunday Mornings, Tuesday Evenings, and Wednesday Mid-day, on Thursday Evenings in El Segundo, Saturday retreats and special events throughout the year, as well as the Foundation and Teacher Training Programs.

Crista Riccio

Crista is our Education Program Coordinator. She met Kadampa Buddhism in 2015 through the Kid’s and Families class. As a dedicated student in our Teacher Training Program, she delights in sharing the teachings through her own experience of them. 

Nick Ploplys

Nick has been practicing for many years and studies on the Teacher Training Program. His teachings are clear and lighthearted, coming from a sincere wish for to enjoy the benefits of meditation and Buddha’s timeless wisdom.

Keith Holmes

Keith has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2005, and is part of our Teacher Training Program. He teaches with great enthusiasm and is skilled in inspiring others in their practice. He’s an active volunteer at the Center and assists with the Sunday morning class.

John Williams

John met Kadampa Buddhism in 2007 and studies on the Teacher Training  Program. He has  a practical way of engaging with students that’s easy to understand and apply to everyday life.

Lola Cumiford

Lola has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for more than for 12 years. She shares Buddha’s wisdom with a gentle, loving heart and complete sincerity. Lola also volunteers as our treasurer and a class assistant.

Michael Regan

Michael kindly volunteers as our admin director and is frequently found at our registration desk greeting people. He's been practicing for a number of years and has huge enthusiasm for the benefits of meditation and Buddha's timeless wisdom.

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